Final Transitions Conference and Life in the Afterlife debriefing

Final Transitions Conference and Life in the Afterlife debriefing featuring Lori Grace, Katie Cartwright, Alan Hugenot, Phil Willcher and Ed Ellsworth at Sunrise Center. Friday, Oct. 30, hear from Lori, Katie, Alan, Phil and Ed as they share exciting information from two recent conferences focusing on consciousness around death, dying, and the afterlife. Katie and Lori will report on The Final Transition conference, which covered a number of important topics regarding approaching the end of life for oneself or others.

These topics included End-of-Life support, Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and the physics of consciousness, including the existence of non-local consciousness as presented there by Larry Dossey, MD and Stephen Schwartz, PhD. Other presenters we will be reporting on include Pim Van Lommel, MD, author of Consciousness Beyond Life: the Science of Near Death Experiences, Betsy MacGregor, MD, author of In Awe of Being Human: A Doctor’s Stories at the Edge of Life and Death, and Peter Fenwick, MD, on deathbed experiences and end-of-life care.

Katie Cartwright will report on Sheila Warnock, author of Share the Care, a book outlining highly effective support for individuals experiencing serious illness; and, Cynda Rushton, PhD, RN, FAAN, who presented on Ethical Quandaries at the End of Life, Cultivating Moral Resilience.

Alan Hugenot, Lori Grace, Phil Willcher, and Ed Ellsworth will present on select topics presented at the September Life in the Afterlife conference, which included NDEs, different ways of contacting the departed, and the science of mediumship. We have reports about presentations given by: Gary Schwartz, PhD, a recognized leader in afterlife research and mediumship; Mark Anthony, an author, psychic lawyer and investigator, who presented evidence reaffirming God does exist; Jane Turndorf, PhD, on healing unfinished business with loved ones that have departed; author Carla Wills-Brandon presented on Pre-death and Deathbed Visions; George Noory, the noted radio host spoke about his book, Talking to the Dead; and, Rhonda Eklund-Schwartz on Love Eternal: Establishing New Relationships in the Afterlife.

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