Ed Ellsworth Event

Join us to hear about the latest health and technology announcements from the 25th Annual A4M Anti Aging Conference! Presenter Ed Ellsworth has attended this medical conference for many years. The range of topics covered includes health technology advances, 3D-printing of organs, Fasting Mimicking Diet, CBD receptors in the body, and more. (342 characters)



I was at the 25th Annual A4M Anti Aging Conference, and attended several previous years. I was mostly interested in the applications of technology that are improving health. A $15 million X Prize was offered and given for the creation of a Medical Tricorder (yes, like in Star Trek). Artificial Intelligence is being used to detect health issues and create new drugs.

Another advance being presented was about the benefits of fasting. Research mice after several days of fasting were found to have an increase in immune system response and new stem cell production. These benefits can be produced in humans by fasting for five days. A Fasting Mimicking Diet of only 1100 calories a day can help a human subject to achieve this biological reset, and benefit from an increased immune system response, stem cell production, and increased health.

I will cover a range of topics including technology advances, 3D-printing organs to replace original organs, Endocannabidiol receptors in our tissues, and how Photocannabinoids (CBD) from marijuana and hemp are a natural fit for our body.


Ed Ellsworth Bio…

I have been on the Board of Directors of Sunrise Center. I worked on the GMO labeling campaign, Hale Akua Garden Farm and several other projects with Sunrise Center. I have attended the A4M Anti Aging Conference in Las Vegas for several years. I am a business management consultant and video producer with my company, Enlightened Films.


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