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Rental Space

Sunrise Center’s lovely 600 square-foot room is available daytime, evenings, and weekends for meetings, workshops and classes. (We also have 160 square-feet of kitchen and additional meeting or eating area space.) It’s a perfect space for business or club meetings, lectures, hypnotherapy, breathwork, yoga and similar classes, or special events. We’re located 2 minutes from Highway 101 and near numerous restaurants. It’s quiet and there’s plenty of parking. Our rates are very reasonable — you’ll be delighted!

The room is accented with colorful Oriental rugs, meeting tables, padded folding chairs, backjacks, an easel, whiteboard, microwave oven, a full-size refrigerator, hot/cold/room temperature water dispenser. Also available are CD, audiocassette, VHS and DVD players, PA and LCD projection system. (Some components require additional rental fee and deposit).

Renters must join the Sunrise Center Teachers Association at a $15 annual fee and carry event or business insurance. In addition to rental opportunities, membership benefits include discounts on Sunrise Center classes and weekend workshops.

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Please Call for Availability (415) 924-7824 Map