Hale Akua Summer Special

Are you wanting to get away from another very hot, very dry summer here on the West Coast, in this year of exceptional drought?  Would you like to take your next vacation in a place that is lush, green, fertile and cooler? Do you live in an urban area where, once again, you will be breathing dirty air because there is no rain to wash away the smog?

Wouldn’t you prefer to take a vacation this summer in a place that’s bathed in air cooled by gentle ocean breezes and filled with moist, refreshing, ionized air from a nearby 150-foot waterfall?

If so, Hale Akua Garden Farm, located on the cool, lush side of east Maui is for you. It is actually COOLER than most parts of the San Francisco Bay Area, where I live and Hale Akua Garden Farm is where I go for my summer vacation.

I hope you will take some time to luxuriate by day or by moonlight in one of our spacious hot tubs — to just peacefully relax while enjoying spectacular views  of the blue Pacific ocean and miles upon miles of untouched coastline.

Take time to walk our beautiful grounds, with its lotus pools, lush green foliage, and colorful, fragrant flowers.  And swim in our 60-foot, solar-heated, salt water pool. You may even wish to take a yoga or meditation class, offered on a donation basis to eco-retreat guests, or to book a wonderful healing massage,  offered by a licensed professional.

In addition to being an eco-retreat center. Hale Akua Garden Farm is a certified organic farm. No pesticides, herbicides, or harsh cleaning agents are used at Hale Akua. You can watch some of your food growing right before your eyes, purchase it right there and prepare your fresh food in the kitchen connected to the house where you are staying.

Do you care about climate change? Hale Akua is powered largely by solar electricity, so you can feel good about being a guest at a retreat center that cares about climate change, like you do.

And, to make this invitation even sweeter:  Hale Akua is offering you a 20% discount if you stay with us anytime between April 1st through September 30th.  And, if you are one of our many returnees, we’ll give you an additional 5% off.

So reserve your stay with us now, before we are completely sold out —and give yourself one of the best vacations you have ever had!

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