Affiliate Teachers

Lewis Brown Griggs has a remarkable story. Born of direct Mayflower heritage into privileged American aristocracy, his lifestyle reflected that ethnocentric value system. During the first of his two death experiences, Lewis discovered that we are on earth to fulfill a particular Purpose, and that he had not been on the right path. He was told that he must return to earth to teach people to appreciate diversity in our common humanity. Since then, his work has included teaching corporations that valuing diversity, relationship and Spirit maximizes organizational effectiveness. To learn more about the work Lewis was guided to do, visit his website at



Since 1978, Sophia Songhealer has produced many luscious, inspiring recordings for healing, meditation, massage, love/Tantric ecstacy, life transitions and rituals. Her latest, Chakra Healing Chants, invokes the Goddess in her many glorious forms.
This powerful and hauntingly beautiful extended musical journey features exquisite arrangements virtuoso accompanists and guest soloists, creating a deep and sacred tapestry of sound on which Sophia’s golden voice soars and seduces.



Christiane Michaels, M.A. is an Ordained Priestess of the Lyceum of Sophia. Her work is devoted to spreading The Gospel of Mary Magdalene, especially as it is mirrored in A Course In Miracles. She has been a student of A Course In Miracles for over ten years. She lectures around the country, teaching from these two texts.

In 2001, Christy was first introduced to a new story about Mary Magdalene. She became passionate about Magdalene and has traveled to England, Scotland and France studying and visiting many of the sacred sites devoted to Mary Magdalene.

It was while visiting the sacred sites devoted to Mary that she discovered why Magdalene felt so alive to her. She had signs, unmistakable signs along the way, one might call synchronicities, but there were too many meaningful coincidence with the same sign that it appeared that Mary was really present and encouraging Christy to assist in spreading her Gospel.

She now offers a monthly exploration into the mysteries of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene. This a rich evening of deep resonate journey into the concepts outlined in the Gospel plus experiential ritual that allows one to deepen and integrate the concepts into the heart. Sweet with music, chanting, prayers this is a magical night not to be missed.

She also honors Mother Mary, as she had a profound and miraculous healing from the waters of the spring of the home of Mother Mary in Turkey, and is deeply grateful to Her for the end of her suffering.



Michael Bailey is a noted conservationist and adventure program producer who places a high degree of emphasis on action.

Generating news media coverage on CNN, BBC, the New York Times, Reuters, and other agencies, some of Michael Bailey’s recent initiatives include helping to secure the Academy Award ‘Oscar’ for The Cove movie and its presentation of dolphins and the living oceans.

As video production and event producer for, Michael Bailey provides camera, scriptwriting, editing and other production expertise to create television programs and multimedia events.

A graduate of The Climate Project training program conducted by the honorable Al Gore and his staff, Michael is a knowledgeable presenter on global warming, climate change, rising ocean acidity and related topics. Areas of interest include improving humankind’s appreciation of animals, plants and the living earth.

Using experiences gained from being one of the original members of Greenpeace, Michael organizes both expeditions and public forums pertaining to endangered species and wildlife. Michael’s expertise in domestic and international political matters is exemplified in the successful passage of the United Nations ban on high seas driftnets. An image of Michael trekking the oil fires of Kuwait graces the cover of National Geographic Magazine.

Conducting speaking tours in Japan and abroad Michael provides information about the value of microorganisms in organic farming, bio-remediation and human health. Michael is periodically hosted by the 800 year-old Myorenji Buddhist temple in Kyoto, whose spiritual leaders similarly support environmental and wildlife protection programs.

Michael’s skills include video and still photography, script-writing and producing. For further information, please contact:

Michael Bailey
Tel: 808-306-4386



In Memory

Robert Plath was a practicing attorney in Mill Valley, CA and was the founder and executive director of the Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance.

Mr. Plath taught Forgiveness workshops for Marin Services for Women, in Kentfield, for chemically dependent women. Robert also facilitated Forgiveness workshops for Community Action Marin for the mentally ill and the homeless.



Gabriele “Shuchi” Phipps-Catamas

Gabriele began studying Watsu and Massage at Harbin Hot Springs in 1988 with Harold Dull the creator of Watsu and returned in 1993 to continue her studies, adding different modalities and styles of teachers at Harbin. She was a Watsu therapist and instructor.

Her home was in Lake County, where she maintained an Aquatic Bodytherapy practice. Gabriele Shuchi’s sessions were filled with with graceful movements to deeply nurture one’s sense of completeness and harmony with existence. She integrated stretching, Massage and Shiatsu, as well as poetic movements and moments of flowing silence.

We request that you sign up in advance for our classes and events. We require at least four people pre-registered, at least one day prior to the session in order to hold it. This also helps the presenter to better prepare for you. Thank you!