Protecting Our Elections

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Wednesday, 7:30 to 10 pm, May 25, 2016

Bob Fitrakis, Cliff Arnebeck and Lori Grace

2016 is, of course, a presidential election year and problems with voting in the primary elections have already been showing up. Not a good sign for the general election! Would you like to learn how to protect our voting process as well as protect your own right to vote? If so, this is the workshop for you! Learn also why the integrity of the November election may be of serious concern. Some corporations with highly questionable directors will be counting our votes in November. Some votes may be counted in Toronto and in Barcelona, Spain. Learn how poll watching can be a contribution to election integrity. Less stealing happens when people are watching, particularly people who have received some modest amount of training. This workshop will also teach you how to be a poll observer and something about how to be a poll worker.

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All states use electronic voting machines to count votes. Some are opti scan machines which utilize a paper ballot. Other states are almost entirely DRE’s – electronic voting machines with no paper ballot. DRE’s are very vulnerable to electronic fraud. Would you like to know where to call if your vote flips from the candidate you selected to the opposing candidate? These questions and many others will be answered in this evening.

You will also learn about how exit polls originally intended to protect our elections are now adjusted throughout an election to match electronic machine totals so that Mitofsky’s company that does our exit polls will be able to still receive much money from the Media Consortium each election year. Citizens are eager to find out as soon as possible who wins and the Media Consortium is eager to give exit poll results to citizens so that they continue to receive money for expensive ads purchased by various companies. The BIG TROUBLE with exit polls is that unlike in any other developed nation they are adjusted to fit the tabulator totals from the electronic voting machines which are vulnerable to fraud.

Learn what is being done both for the primary and for the general election to challenge this process of adjusting exit polls via a lawsuit that will take place in California, Ohio and New York. Learn what you can do to support the effort.

This is a video of Stephen Spoonamore from 2006. He is a Republican partly responsible for Obama winning the 2008 election. Learn how in this meeting!

Unfortunately, about ten primary elections show substantial differences between the totals from exit polls and those from electronic voting machines. They show them giving votes from Bernie Sanders and to Hilary Clinton. Republican votes seem to have stayed the same. Below are the charts from mathematician and statistician Richard Charnin about what he calls, in this year’s primary, the “Clinton Shift.” Since 2004, Charnin has noticed what he calls the “Red Shift,” where electronic vote totals in close elections seem to be moved over a total of 4% from the Democratic candidate to the more conservative Republican one. In some cases, Democrats lost their election due to this apparent “Red Shift,” but nothing could be done about it. Richard Charnin is the author of Matrix of Deceit, a book about exit poll and electronic vote manipulation since 2004.


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The YouTube below of a meeting with the Chicago Board of Elections in the 2016 primary shows the typical defensive behavior of election board officials when election irregularities are brought forward. Since the Chicago Board of Elections chose the voting machines used in the primary, they are naturally defensive as government officials. 

Carolyn Crnich, a registrar from Humboldt County, California, showed real concerns for the accuracy of electronic vote totals. She received an award from the Institute of Democracy and Election Integrity in 2010.

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Our facilitators: Long time election attorneys Bob Fitrakis and Cliff Arnebeck and election integrity activist, Lori Grace, will facilitate this meeting. Lori is flying Bob Fitrakis and Cliff Arnebeck in from Ohio to talk about all these election issues. All three of them have been working on election issues since 2004. Bob Fitrakis is editor of the Free Press ( and has been the initiator, together with Cliff Arnebeck, of three important election lawsuits. Lori Grace has been active with Black Box Voting, Audit the Vote, Verified Voting, Protect Our Elections ( and the Free Press since 2004.



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